This is Ashley Presley.

Ashley Presley likes third person.


Ashley Presley is a terrible writer.


Ashley Presley has given some semi-interesting bullets below about herself.


Ashley Presley wants you to enjoy.




+ It’s super cheesey, but I really am married to my bestie. We met when I was 14 and he made me a mixed cd (true love always starts with a cd).


+ I have an amazing rescue dog, Rue. She’s 50% fur, 48% love & 2% bones & muscles & other stuff.


+ My name is neither Elly nor Wise. The studio name came from the spelling of my first and last name. Ash"LEY" Pres"LEY" - there are two "LEY"s in my name. Boom.


+ Coffee = life


+ Raised (& currently residing) in Memphis, Tennessee.


+ Graduated art school in Savannah, Georgia (SCAD) & would move back

LITERALLY at any moment.


+ I’ve watched all the Friends episodes probably 6 times, minimum.


+ My work is always changing. One week it’s knitting, the next it’s paint, the next.. yodeling?


+ I’d be a plant lady if I could keep those suckers alive.


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