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Let me start off by saying my studio has crazy-amazing light.

It’s basically 90% windows (which was the main reason I picked it for my studio when we bought our house). When I’m working on my Cintiq in the afternoon, though, the sun blares through my window (that faces West) and casts a huge glare on my screen. Easy fix, a curtain!

Most humans would say “cool, I’ll go buy a curtain. It doesn’t have to be fancy..it’s just for my studio.” Most people.

When I’m feeling super-deep I think things like “Quilting is just all these crazy things that have nothing to do with each other coming together in a mysterious way to make something beautiful” #symbolism - and that’s true - for other people’s quilts. Quick note about quilting: it’s very meticulous. Something that I can (and will) NEVER be.

Needless to say my quilt is wonky at best.

My mom is an excellent sew..er? Sewist? So I will do my best not to let her look at my curtain up close.. one, it's horrendously measured and compiled, two, my Walmart fabric is less than satisfactory. If you're looking to make one yourself, check out online quilting fabric company: Delta Patchwork (seriously the most GORGEOUS fabric, like, woah)


Step 1: Cut a zillion squares (I messed that up - they’re not uniform)

Step 2: Pin squares together (I kind of got that one right.. At least at first, once the squares HAD to be the same size, I was screwed)

Step 3: Sew a straight line ( :| )

Step 4: Iron seam

Step 5: Start back at step 2


So, eventually one ends up with several large panels made up of all these tiny squares and they should fit together just-so. VOILA! Quilting. (at it’s simplest form) And, still, I managed to totally butcher my poor pile of fabric and here’s some photos as evidence.


Quilt Sewing - Memphis Tennessee -  October 2016

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